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Trust, security and peace of mind are the keywords when buying from a dealer.

Buying a vehicle is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. That's why it's important, once you've chosen a vehicle, that you are reassured by its condition and the information you receive. Know that buying a pre-owned vehicle from a CCAQ member dealer is always a reassuring choice. Here's why.

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Protection and security

They are legally bound to follow a strict code of ethics, meet disclosure requirements and perform mandatory safety inspections on the vehicles they sell.

Always the first pick

They always pick first. They filter the best vehicles and leave the rest to others. So they have the best pre-owned vehicles in inventory.


They offer financing and low interest rates on used car purchases. In case of financing, these rates will be difficult to match by banks for a purchase from an individual.

Simple approach

They will take your car back in the same condition it was in. You are completely protected from any hidden defect or other claim.

Professional experience

When you purchase a used vehicle, you receive quality services from competent and professional people who support you throughout your purchase process.


Cleaning, bodywork repairs, safety checks and even a complete overhaul, tires, complete inspection and reconditioning; used vehicles sold as new.

Easy trade-in

Trading in your pre-owned vehicle for a new one can often be convenient. Dealing with a team of professionals can often make things easier. Dealerships have beneficial resources to ensure you get the best deal.

Certified vehicle

Throughout the province, CCAQ member dealerships offer “certified” used vehicles. Generally, for a used vehicle to be declared certified, it must have undergone a detailed inspection and safety verification process by a manufacturer-certified technician. In addition, most certified vehicles come with an extended warranty program and must meet certain criteria including age and mileage. The “Certified Vehicle” seal is present on all certified vehicles or vehicles eligible for certification.

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