General terms and conditions

  • Identify a responsible person in authority who will be responsible for enforcing the protocols at all times;
  • Installing a hydroalcoholic solution dispenser at each entrance and other locations for hand sanitization and notifying clients to use them;
  • Offer the option of a virtual shopping experience and remote exchange vehicle evaluation, if available;
  • Visually delineate the 2-meter floor distance measurement with tape in appropriate locations;
  • Keep all vehicles locked in the showroom and outside;
  • Ensuring that clients are accompanied by a representative when walking through the showroom and respecting the 2-meter distance;
  • Disinfecting the showroom daily, the work area, frequently touched surfaces at the end of each shift;
  • Offer and schedule spaced appointments with clients whenever possible.

Visit to a dealer

  • Anyone entering the dealership must be greeted at the front desk;
  • Ask the customer to disinfect their hands with a hydroalcoholic solution;
  • Limit the meeting with the representative to a maximum of two people, if possible;
  • Notify the representative of the client's arrival so that he or she can meet the client at the reception desk.

Vehicle in the showroom and outside

Presentation of the vehicle to the customer by the sales representative:

  • Unlock vehicle and retain key at all times;
  • Allow customer(s), if applicable, to sit in the front of the vehicles only;
  • Lock the vehicle after presentation and return the key to the designated area for cleaning personnel;
  • Post a sign on the vehicle after cleaning.

Road test / Test drive

The sales representative must:

  • Wash his/her hands before the test drive and invite the customer to do the same by providing a hydroalcoholic solution;
  • Take a picture of the customer's driver's license without touching it;
  • Choose a vehicle that has already been disinfected;
  • Allow the client to drive the vehicle within a specified radius and limit the duration of the test drive;
  • Sit in the back of the vehicle;
  • Wash hands at the end of the test drive and invite the client to do the same by providing a hydroalcoholic solution;
  • At the end of the test drive, invite the client to park the vehicle and return the key to a designated area for cleaning personnel.

Signatures of documents

  • Provide a designated place that respects confidentiality and a 2-meter distance between people;
  • Add a protective Plexiglas screen if the location doesn't allow for distancing;
  • Disinfect the office surface, chairs, items and electronic devices used between each client;
  • Provide a single-use pen or container for disinfection;
  • Wash hands at the end of the transaction.

Vehicle evaluation

During an assessment, wear gloves and make sure to wash your hands after removing them.

    Vehicle delivery

    Must be done at the dealership, either indoors or outdoors, in a designated area.

    • Disinfect the vehicle before the customer takes possession of it;
    • Present the vehicle in a virtual manner.